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From feature film re-recording mix to sound design for action sports viral clips, I have been providing audio post production services for over a decade ... Some of my clients include RedBull Media House, Monster Energy, Mad Media, NBC and ESPN.

Voice Over/ADR Recording

Audio Sweetening/Restoration

Music Editing

Sound Design


“Here at Mad Media – we’re constantly tackling high-profile adrenalized automotive projects for big name clients. Whether it’s Formula 1 racing for Red Bull, or covering 24 Hours at Daytona for Continental Tire – these projects are nationally televised properties, and the stakes are always high. When it comes to sound design and meeting the demands of these networks for deliverables, the challenge is always to make the sound as best as it can possibly be – while meeting tight deadlines. The only person we trust for that is Cedrick Courtois. Ced consistently delivers outstanding results under incredible time constraints. His design is both technically proficient, as well as creative. It is always a treat to lay his work back to picture and watch our stories come to life! I would highly recommend Cedrick for any project that requires premium, professional sound design.”
                                                                                            -Joshua Martelli – Mad Media COO and Co-Director of Ken Block’s Gymkhana 1/2/3 films    -


Audio Post Production reel

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