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Online mixing has made it possible to reach talents from all over the world.
It's a simple and easy process: You record your tracks, upload them and after we
discuss your goals I send you a mix!
Your satisfaction is my #1 goal. So if revisions are needed, I will work till you're happy. If you're happy before I am, I will always go the extra mile to ensure that I am delivering the best product possible.
The art of mixing is something that I am really passionate about and my repeat clients are a testimony of the quality work I deliver.


My base rate for mixing is $499/song.
However, I do offer alternate rates based on the complexity/simplicity of the mix.
Discounts also available for LP's

This rate also includes up to 10 revisions

  Please note that mixing services do NOT include the following:

• Pitch correction

• Timing correction such as Beat Detective

*Vocal tuning and timing corrections can be a time consuming process. As such an additional fee will be required. Click for more info.

* Prices in USD



Some of the work I have done. 
Circles - Daring Greatly
Wonderful Maker - Generation Worship
That don't sound like Country - The New Black 7
Find Myself - Sweet Ever After
CODE 69 - Christophe Raymond

“Ive had the great pleasure of working with Cedric over the last 4 years. what started as 1 project, turned into several per week. Im a composer/producer with 15 years in the television world and countless more recording and producing and Cedric is my absolute GO TO!!! His ears are impeccable, he is by far the easiest mixer/engineer I have ever worked with and he is a brilliant musician. That’s a great combination in my book!!! I could not give him a higher recommendation!!! His mixes are commanding, and extremely versatile. He has a very keen ear and a amazing sense of WHAT A MIX SHOULD BE!! My business will be with Cedric for years to come!!!”    
- Brentt James Arcement- Drummer ( Live, Fiona Apple ) -


“Cedrick  has the ability to bring about the essence of the track; he brought a clarity to the track that surprised me. He listened and found aspects that even I wasn’t aware of. He brought the best out of it”          -Tony Cardenas (Great White) -​

“Cedrick is a versatile mixing engineer capable of handling complex mixes and knowing when less is more.

I have had the pleasure of working with him on mastering a lot of his mixes. He always does a great job in making those mixes sound modern while keeping the artistic integrity of the music.”         -Maor Appelbaum – Mastering Engineer  -

“I have worked on a lot of studio projects with different mix engineers, Cedrick made the whole process easier than any project I have done. He has a great musical ear that took our album to the next level while keeping our vision intact. I look forward to working with him again.”     - Tory Stoffregen   - -

“I must say working with Ced was pretty great!! He knows his craft and that makes it easy for us bands and musicians! I really look forward to working on my next few projects with him, one being a full on Solo hard rock record and the other being my Acoustic CD, WHY? Because He can do it all!!”          -Tim 'RIPPER' Owens ( Judas Priest, Y. Malmsteen, Project Rock ) -​

“Cedrick Courtois is an old acquaintance of mine from several years back. I’ve always admired his musical taste and skill, and was able to put it to use recently as mixing engineer for one of my most important clients. Cedrick’s work was always done with great excellence and spirit, and always on time, if not early! I wouldn’t hesitate to use him for any musical project you may need engineering or production assistance with”     - Greg Giacona - Producer   -

“Cedrick is a rare commodity in today’s music world, very talented but no ego, very polite and accommodating. His mixing work on my album really brought out all the elements I wanted to hear, in perfect balance and harmony. I’ll be using him again in the future for sure!”     - Parker Harrison   -  Singer/Songwriter

“We have worked with Cedrick multiple times over the last three years, on three different projects. Both in a recording setting and on the mixing board, Cedrick is truly a master at his profession. He approaches each project he works on with intricately refined skill, personal integrity, a refreshingly creative ear and—most importantly—an open mind. Not only is he a gentlemen in the recording studio, he is a creative and technical guru on the board. His ability to bring ideas and direction, and craft sound — for a variety of musical styles — is second to none.   He’s able to mix something supremely heavy and hard-hitting, and yet, is able to finesse the quiet and delicate moments in a song, creating a musical “space” for the listener to breathe in. He respects the musicians while also being a perfectionist, which is an exceptional quality when working in the studio. In short, we love him!  ”

                                                                                                                                          - Ammee Pearl, Sweeteverafter   –

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