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In today’s music or post production studios, from the mega dollar facilities to the retrofitted garage,
DAW’s are the heart of the system. You can record, create, manipulate, mix and master
all your music and sound material within this ONE tool.

While Avid Pro Tools isn’t the only DAW, it was one of the first one developed to let you perform
all those tasks and eventually became the leader it is today in the industry. 

If you want to have a competitive edge in the audio world today,

knowing Pro Tools inside and out is a must.


How can I help?

Maybe you just got Pro Tools on your laptop and want to start recording yourself and your friends, or you are a working engineer wanting to excel in your field. Or maybe you just want to learn a few tips and tricks.

I can help you develop a set of skills tailored to your needs.

ProTools is an in depth application that requires a solid knowledge foundation if you want to use it to its full potential.


But it doesn’t stop here.

While DAW’s are at the heart of any system, sound doesn’t start nor ends there. There is so much about the audio world that is often misunderstood, even omitted. Things like proper recording levels, gain staging, mic choices and placement, acoustics,etc…which are outside the scope of the pure Pro Tools training but play just as important of a role. 

My philosophy about DAW’s is that they are a tool that help a musician, producer, engineer achieving their goal of making great sounding music or post production projects. And while their capabilities are amazing, they are just that : tools.

Think of it this way : If you were building custom cars, you’d have to learn how to weld and use that particular tool.

Yet the goal is to build the car, not just learn how to use the machine. 

I can teach you more than what you would find in a book or random YouTube videos.


I have 25 years experience as an Audio Engineer in music and post production,

10 years as an audio instructor, and 20 as an every day ProTools user. 

Learn to be proficient with this tool so that you can focus on the goal : 

making good sounding music.


How Can I Help

What do I offer?

Private, 1-on-1

ProTools lessons


I offer Protools tutoring tailored to your

goals and needs.  I am a certified ProTools instructor and I am currently teaching it at a private school. I can come to your studio,

you can come to mine or online via

screen sharing.

Studio Setup & Design

Whether you need help connecting a mic to your interface, setup your computer or need help with acoustics, I can help you design your studio to improve your workflow while staying within your budget. I have no affiliation to any companies or retailers so I guarantee to only have your best interest at heart.


What Do I Offer
How Does It Work
How Much Does It Cost

How much do you charge ?


Online or in house ProTools lessons are $85/hour.


If I drive to your studio, I may charge a little extra depending on the distance of travel



Studio setup and design 

Hourly : $85


For the design of an entire system we will package a price depending on the scope of work needed.

How does it work ?

When I get hired to do a mix or some post audio work it is important to me that I discuss my client's visions before I get to work.


It is therefore essential that we talk via email, phone, or Skype to first detemine what your goals and needs are.
I will then tailor a lesson plan for your ProTools goals, or design your studio setup and we simply start scheduling.

If you are interested in online lessons via screen sharing using Skype, we will have an initial video chat session to ensure video and audio connections between both parties are setup. ( of course free of charge).


See? It's pretty easy!


“If you find yourself lucky enough to be in Cedrick's class, you are in the right place. If you find yourself listening to him teach you randomly, then you have found a diamond in the rough. Cedrick can teach you the language of audio engineering. From bottom, to top. From the physical properties of a sound wave, into the intricate details of a DAW. He taught me to speak audio engineering. I am now capable of reading textbooks that almost seemed as if they were written in a foreign language (audio engineering books). His teachings will extend long after you have encountered him. Cedrick is the man I can thank for making my passion into an art form.”          -Dylan D-​

“Cedrick is an excellent teacher, taught me so much about audio, very detailed about different aspects of audio engineering. What I like the most is that Cedrick not only teaches you what to do, But why you should do it and how to get the outcome you want.”          -D S-​

“I came from knowing what happens when i put this "reverb" plugin on something, to knowing how to use it properly. Ced was the one piece missing in my Audio Engineering/Producing puzzle. The knowledge that he gave on sound gave me a greater understanding that it was much more to it than knob turning. His knowledge in Pro tools sets him apart from the others because he is actually in the field with it every day working! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn!”    - Clayton F. -

“Coming from a place where doors were being shut and people would turn their back to you to sitting in a desk infront of an amazing instructor. Ced was my first teacher at Mediatech Institude he was always respectful and very comprehensive. From teaching you what a sound wave is and how it works to teaching you how to work the ins and outs of pro tools ! I would highly recommend him to anyone !”         -Denny F. - 

“Cedrick is an amazing teacher who understands the ins and outs of audio on a deep level. A very knowledgeable and personable guy, I highly recommend him as an audio engineering teacher”     - Matt B.   -

“From when Cedrick first taught me what an audio wave actually was, to when he taught me how to parallel compress a drum mix he has always been a great teacher. He has a very comprehensive style of teaching, and understands that to get to advanced techniques you have to have your fundamentals down. Ced has the skills to teach an aspiring engineer from any level of experience and on top of that he's a stand up dude.”     - Lorenzo R.-

“Ced, Knows how to break it down in more ways than one. He always took time to explain it to other students who wasn't catching on. He would find analogies to ensure the student understood a topic or a whole lesson. I've learned a lot from Cedrick. I look up to him as mentor and friend. He's very easy to talk to beyond the engineering world. There where times when my mixes were missing something. I would ask for his input, and he'll just do one thing that would make a huge difference. Again, I learned a lot from him and always speak highly of his methods of teaching.”     - Jonathan A.  -  

“Just like all the other reviews, I'm stoked that Ced was my first teacher when it came to the very basics of audio engineering, signal flow, studio construction, and more. He is very skilled not only at engineering but also at teaching information in a way that makes sense. Usually good for some jokes but at the same time is always focused on what he's teaching and making sure the student is getting it. Overall he's a cool guy who really knows what he's doing when it comes to sound. I would definitely recommend him as a teacher! ”  - Sian M.  –   

“Cedrick was my first teach at Media Tech and boy am i glad I had him as a teacher. Without his knowledge I would of never known the ins and outs of audio. All the things he taught school, I apply that knowledge to my work... And plus he's rips at surfing..but that's a side note. Cedrick is the man...period”  - Brock B.  –   

“This man is the most educated person I have ever met, when it comes to audio. I had Cedrick as a teacher at a college near my home. He literally built the school with his own hands (Floating Floors, Proper Sound Reinforcement and Top Of The Line Audio Equipment). The school had numerous vocal booths, a big room for bands and other large instruments, 3 control rooms (my favorite room used an SSL Duality Console). Cedrick taught me everything I know about audio, how it travels, Pro Tools Certifications, Signal flow, Recording, Manipulation, Mixing and Mastering. Do not pass up an opportunity to learn from this teacher. If you really want to understand audio, this is your best choice.”  - David S. –   

“One of the greatest instructors I've had the opportunity to learn from! Very knowledgable about all things audio, and some things not! Do yourself a favor and learn from this guru!”  - Bret C.. –   

“I had Cedrick as my first teacher ever in the audio field at Mediatech institute in Oceanside. He always had a great way of giving you the tools and resources to figure out an issue but also forcing you to figure it out with a little guidance so you remembered the issue and how to resolve it in later situations. Also jokes and laughs are a big part of his curriculum. 10/10 would recommend.”     

 - Jacob L. –   

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