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Cedrick’s journey in the music world started at an early age. Playing drums at 4,picking up piano by 11, he finally settled on guitar at 15

and played in his first band by 17.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled in The University of Rennes, France  studying Biology and Chemistry with the intent of becoming a Marine Biologist and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1994. However his passion for music lead him to a new career path and earning an Associate’s Degree in Audio Engineering at ESRA Institute in France.


After interning at various studios in Paris, he then decided to move across the pond and landed in Houston, Texas where he ended up First Engineer at Sunrise Sound Studios, working with the likes of Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Ludacris, Chris Walker (Al Jarreau), Lenny Kravitz, Michelle Williams, Earshot, Scarface, Marcel Khalife, and Solange Knowles.

In April of 2007, he came to L.A. to play guitar on the third Earshot album, packed his bags again and decided to

further his journey and moved to Hollywood.

He joined the engineering team of the soundtrack for the rock opera “Repo! The Genetic Opera” an eclectic and challenging project, from tracking vocals with Sarah Brightman, Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head and Paris Hilton, to mixing tracks featuring Ray Luzier, Blasko, David J, Danny Lohner and Richard Patrick.

From there, Cedrick worked as a Music Editor on an independent film called ‘Montana Amazon: The Adventures of the Dunderheads’, featuring Olympia Dukakis, Haley Joel Osment, and Alison Brie, eventually earning him his first Re Recording Mixer credit.

You can also hear some of his Sound Design work on  action sports feature films such as ‘The Windsurfing Movie II’ by Poor Boyz Productions, Red Bull’s  Formula One and GRC viral videos, Monster Energy’s SuperCross commercials and

MadMedia/UTVUnderground’ s XP1K series featuring Polaris RZR.


His passion for music has led him to work on a broad range of genres, from Metal to Country, Gospel to Dance music, Pop to Classical.


Today Cedrick freelances out of his own studio , The Castle,  where he shares time between Music Mixing and Sound Design/Audio post. He also writes music for TV Licensing ( workout products commercials such as ‘Beach Body’ and ’10 minute Abs’ to name a few).

Some of his clients include Keri Kelli ( Alice Cooper ), Tim’Ripper’ Owens ( Judas Priest,  Y. Malmsteen ), Tony Cardenas ( Great White), Brentt Arcement ( Live, Fiona Apple ), The New Black 7 ( ), Tom Curren ( 3x Surf World Champion ), RedBull Media House, Monster Energy, Mad Media (

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